11 times world record holder, Luigi Cani has performed more than 13,000 training jumps during his 22 year professional career.
One of the world’s best-known and respected aerial athletes, his groundbreaking projects have been broadcast on more than 60 television channels around the globe.

– 79 Medals in international competitions.

– World record for speed in free fall with a top speed of 552 Km / h.

– World Record for landing with the smallest and fastest parachute on the planet (JVX-37).

– World Record for the largest wingsuit formation flight (100 Way).

– World Record for the highest speed with high performance parachute.

– Honored for 3 consecutive years as one of the 10 best athletes in the World by the largest magazine in the segment (Skydiving  Magazine).

– Recruited by the United States Army to train elite teams like Navy Seals and Special Forces.

– Recruited by the British Army to train elite Special Forces teams.

– Recruited by the Canadian Army to train elite Special Forces teams.

– He was an official test pilot for one of the largest parachute factories in the world.

– First athlete in the world performing an urban proximity flight when he flew with his wingsuit between the Petronas Towers in Malaysia.

– One of the creators of “SPEED FLYING” in conjunction with his “Team Extreme” partners in the year 2000 in the Swiss Alps.

– First and only human to fly a wingsuit in formation with a Jet Plane.

– Creator of the XRW with his mini parachute JVX-39.

– First athlete to jump in the Grand Canyon with a motorcycle, reaching speeds over 160 Km / h.

– World’s first athlete to punch a target with his wingsuit.

– First and only athlete to fly his wingsuit in formation with a Esquadrilha da Fumaça.


– Luigi Cani stars and presents the following TV shows in Brazil:

Network Globo:

Fantástico “Quadro Mestre dos Ares”

Esporte Espetacular “Quadro Homem Pássaro

Caldeirão do Huck “Quadro RadiCani

Cable TV Globosat:

Canal OFF Series:

Sem Asas

Dois Elementos

Pedal e Ar

Volta ao mundo de Wingsuit

Elemento Ar

Asas sobre o Rio

Balls Pyramid

Voo de Cinema

Plano de Voo


Luigi Cani studied advertising and audiovisual productions at the “UCLA” University of California, Los Angeles from 1998 to 2002.

During this period Luigi had the opportunity to train with one of the largest producers of aerial images in Hollywood.

From then on, Luigi learned to write, produce and star in his own innovative projects for cable and broadcast television around the world.

His passion, creativity and perfectionism during the last decade has resulted in quality programs provided to the Discovery Channel, History Channel, ESPN, FOX, Rede Globo, Globosat, CBS, ABC, EuroSports, MTV and many others.

After 12 years living and learning in Los Angeles, Luigi returned to Brazil in 2011 and founded the CANI.TV MEDIA HOUSE.


Luigi Cani’s talk is titled “You Can Fly” and lasts for 60 minutes.
The presentation is very dynamic and is supported with slides and video segments to great effect.
The interaction with the audience is a fundamental aspect of the event, that always concludes with long applause and all participants leave charged with new ideas and new energy.
The topics covered in the lecture: Dreams, Challenges, Innovation, Essence, Motivation, Overcoming, Persistence, Conquest, Getting out of the comfort zone, Risk management, Planning, Team work, Results.

Luigi Cani has been a keynote speaker since 2011, having established himself for his outstanding professionalism he has already inspired executives from more than 50 companies, including: Petrobras, Facebook, Adidas, Audi, Heineken, Itaipu, I.B.M., F.A.B., Petrópolis Group, Pfizer Laboratories, Citrix Technology, Protects Transport of Securities, Globosat.